CATO is an organisation who’s members are Tour Operator or Tour Wholesalers. They have specialised expertise in all aspects of travel, to a particular destination and supply travel and tour packages to domestic and international destinations.

CATO members design and promote specific products and destinations to encourage travel. Travel and tour packages generally include airfares, accommodation, land transfers and sightseeing and can be multi-destination tours, single-destination resort style holidays, or special interest tours. In addition they provide a competitive base from which the consumer market can measure both in economic and value terms.

CATO members provide the marketing material via printed material and/or electronic media and the expertise required to deliver their products to the consumer via retail travel agents network.

Some products are specifically designed for retail chains and others are of general interest. This environment fosters a highly competitive market place one in which some CATO members compete yet, we have a common goal in delivery of standards, integrity and commitment to fulfill that goal.

The CATO logo is an emblem of integrity – a commitment to standards and quality service. When it is displayed on a brochure or in marketing material to the consumer it presents an organisation that accepts nothing less than honesty and integrity.

CATO, as a collaborative organisation represents itself to government, retail agents, industry groups, carriers, hotels, transport operators, consumers and others on all relative issues. CATO is an industry forum for the betterment of the public interest.

CATO represents the majority organisations within Australia who collectively turn over in excess of $AUD 500 million per annum in travel expenditure and promote every destination on the Globe.

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